Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alison & Brian May 9,2009

I met Alison at The Bride's Boutique one Saturday while she and her mother were shopping for the perfect headpiece and jewelry. Through conversation, I mentioned to her that I also coordinated weddings on the side. She expressed an interest and booked me for the day of the wedding. She really wanted me to help with making the day of the wedding run smoothly and to take care of anything that needed to happen. She wanted to relax and enjoy her day, as she should. I arrived early in the day at her home to help prepare for their small intimate wedding. I took care of everything: Coordinating the arrival of all vendors, the presentation of the tables (steamed linens, placed the overlays, and flowers), made sure all the lanterns were hung in the trees, cushions were on the benches, candles were placed and lit, as well as greeting guests. I even had to do an emergency re-steaming of the gown right before she walked down the aisle! Once the ceremony was over, more guests joined for the reception. This was such a beautiful, intimate wedding. It went off without a hitch, and the couple spent two weeks in Europe. Too bad I don't get to join the couples on their amazing honeymoons...... maybe I should find a way to fit that in the contract. :) haha!

(images to come soon)

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