Monday, December 28, 2009

Steve and Amy Hill 12/12/2009

When Amy came to me for assistance in planning her wedding to Steve she had about 6 1/2 weeks to plan and not much planned other than her gown and the venue. I quickly got to work calling some of my close contacts who happen to be some of THE BEST wedding professionals Clarksville has to offer. I really only had about a week to help them find all they needed since Steve wanted to be part of the process and he was leaving for work in Alaska and would not arrive back to Clarksville until two days before the wedding. Within the first week we had locked down Sango Village Florist , Joan of Art Photography, and Cakes by Carrie. Catering proved to be the greatest challenge we faced with the date set just right before Christmas and one tasting that was just not what she was looking for. I mentioned to Amy that we had gone to an event that Jubilee Plantation had catered and it was amazing. She agreed to give them a shot and I went to work setting up a tasting date, which had to be very soon. I have to say, Jubilee Plantation set up a perfect presentation as well as delicious food for Amy and I to taste (by this point Steve had left for work). The final decision was made, Jubilee it was!

Here are a few images of Steve and Amy's BIG day. I hope you enjoy these beautiful images by Joan of Art Photography.

Trinity Episcopal Church

Flowers by Sango Village

Flowers By Sango Village
Catering by Jubilee Plantation
Steve (the groom) caught this Salmon in Alaska and it was one of the featured hors d'oeuvres.

Joanie's signature frame shot.
They met through eHarmony.
Carrie @ Cakes by Carrie made a delicious cake that reflected the couples vision perfectly.

Once again I was the designated cake cutter. Cutting cakes is not my strong point. Lets just say I am very generous.

I was in charge of decorating all the reception tables, something simple and no fru fru, was the guidelines given...ha ha.
All the family and friends that joined them for their special day.

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