Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today's post was submitted by Bonnie Hodge, a Mother-of-the-Bride, looking back on her daughter's wedding in early November. We thank her very much for contributing her thoughts!

"After my daughter became engaged, we dove headfirst into planning her November wedding. Blaire had LOTS of good ideas and had researched each component of the wedding with meticulous detail. But, oh my, there were so many options and so many choices to be made! It was overwhelming.

When Blaire first mentioned the idea of having a wedding planner/coordinator, I was adamantly against it; I felt she and I could handle the ceremony and reception with ease. HA! When we began discussing the day before the wedding and the actual wedding day, I became overwhelmed with the amount of detail and coordination that was required. I was also painfully aware of my lack of training or expertise in any of the arenas in which we had been thrust. And, to my horror, the “to do” list was growing rapidly and, seemingly, exponentially.

When Blaire and I began talking about “the day of” in detail, I realized there was no way that I could be there for my daughter and get everything done for the ceremony and reception. At that point we asked Carly to let us know what she could do for us. OMG (I normally don’t use text lingo :]) – I was astounded at what Carly could and would do for us AND at the price she quoted ! It was seemingly too good to be true. However, true it was!

We had met Carly at the Bride’s Boutique when we purchased Blaire’s gown. She was so professional and so very knowledgeable. After about a 20 minute conversation, my daughter and I decided we must hire her. That was a GREAT decision! She was with Blaire and me every step of the way, and provided guidance. That is the KEY word – guidance. She didn’t tell us WHAT to do, but actually guided us into making our vision a reality. Without her services I know the ceremony and reception would not have moved forward as beautifully as they did. It was an absolutely wonderful day."

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